the story is

i am turning the page

to a new chapter

the one that says

i am the story teller

this is it. its me

i am alone

alone to decide

i am a one women show

a man no way

what is that for?

thinking of nothing

knowing that i am true to myself

i like this presence

the presence, of knowing that i am human too

i will find myself through darkness

and go into the light

all in one piece

all in one flight

i wish i had true support from team members

but it looks like this time there are none

so here i sit alone in front of the world

knowing that this time its me or its him

wishing to be held

wishing to be herd

i guess life is showing me an open door

the open door into the other world

what has it taught me

but violence and hurt

God please heal all the hurt

The End

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