The story...

There was a girl, all salt and Light,
who strode for knowledge of the Night.
She heard it was a thing to see see,
all beauty, lust, and heart felt glee,
and so far into the glen she strode,
to her Steed, whom she rode.
Far into the deep, and far to the right,
up mountains so steep with oh, so much height,
the Steed carried her with effortless pace,
so far up the mountain until her face
alighted with glee for all she could see,
beyond her face was space, and it was so free...
And so she reached, as she had been told,
for the Night, which she tried to take hold.
But the Night enveloped, it swarmed and it wrapped,
like water upon her, the Night overlapped
until she could no longer see the path,
and so she screamed and "Steed" she cried
but the Steed had been frightened far long ago,
he left so fast she hadn't even seen him go.
and so, all alone on the mountain top,
the girl had strength and so she fought...
and trembled and wrestled until she dropped
her gaurd and her heart. They could no longer shake,
the Night... in it's victory, so her he did take.
And then when the girl, with her Light growing dim
exhaled her last breathe, was prepared just when
a warm breeze, renewing, alighted her skin
he held and he warmed her, and realized her plight,
the Wind, in his anger, of the deadly Night,
cast it out to the west, with his strength and his might,
and picked up the girl... who was searching for him
though she hadn't known it..... was him every day on her skin.
As she'd ride off to the west to go play with, him...
or in search of some knowledge, or upon some new quest.
He gazed at her closed eyes, and noticed her chest
was not rising nor falling under her soft breast.
The Wind, knowing how close she was to Death's boat
he thought of the letters to her he had wrote
and of all of the others who needed her so...
He parted her pale lips with his very own and
and gave her a kiss, as no other is known.
From this kiss of the Air, she inhaled her first breath
and opened her eyes, and then she just wept
feeling tainted, and used and abused by the Night
betrayed by the Steed upon which she would ride,
and knowing her thoughts, he heaved a deep sigh
and then looked directly into her eyes, so full of light and so very gold
and so full of love, it made Air quite bold.
Those eyes reassured him simply of why it is
he needed and wanted more than one kiss...
He knew he loved her, and so to her he spoke
of all the words he had written, and the words that he wrote.
It was all that she needed, forever. and then...
she asked if he would, simply kiss her again.

The End

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