The Storm

This was a poem written by me, dated August 4, 2010. I wrote it after a fleeting summer thundershower. Summer is my favorite time of year, and storms have always fascinated me, so I quickly put my thoughts into words, words into stanzas until I got this little piece in return.

Can you hear the rain
Can you hear the angels' teardrops hit the window?
Can you hear the thunder rumble in pain
While the lightning strikes like an arrow from a bow?

Can you hear the storm
Can you feel your heartbeat in your chest?
Can you imagine the fury while it performs
While you wonder when the rage will ever rest?

Can you hear the howling wind in the dark night
Can you hear the battle being fought in the sky?
Can you stare forever at the white flashes of light
While the rain ever so slowly begins to die

Can you hear the silence the calm has brought you?
Can you no longer see the lightning once so strong
Can you no longer hear the thunder too
While you dream of the storm you now long?

The End

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