The Storm

(this is still a work in progress)

Storm clouds loom on the horizon
A premonition of the danger to come
Voices raised as heated words are exchanged
Echo-ing like the thunder outside

Their eyes hold a piercing glare
Flashing with anger; hatred
A reflection of the lightning
Sheeting across the night sky

She knows her world is about to change
Unable to stop it;
Unable to voice her fears
She listens in silence as they continue

The storm draws closer
As the danger looms nearer
The voices get louder, closer
The sudden sound of glass smashing startles her

She cries out just as he raises his hand
Mummy and daddy look at her in shock
Tears are streaming down her cheeks

They look at each other with shame
Falling to their knees with the weight of it
Opening their arms to her
As tears now fill their eyes

(Not finished... work in progress)

The End

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