The Stones in Protagonize Memorial Park

These are the epitaphs for some of the writers who dwelt long ago in the village of Protagonize. Our narrator is the epic poet of the 22nd century, Nicholai Boutonovich. He strolls along the chalk white grave markers, reading their remembrances, recalling their souls.

I walk along this winding path,

among these granite stones,

among the ghosts of poets past,

old bards and writers' bones.


They speak to me in whispered words,

these souls of yesteryear,

they linger here so lost in time,

to share a word, a line, a tear.


Once they roared in holy tomes,

in words so filled with heart,

and though they've gone, gone far away,

they've left behind their art.


Now one by one, they speak again,

in these their final words,

Engraved upon these stones of grey,

some marked by passing birds.


The End

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