The StandMature

The dance floor's packed with the smell of sweat.
It's in her hair, on my face, rolling down her thighs.
She's as close to me as I could let her get
Without losing my mind in her kaleidescope eyes.

She's bored, too hot, too tired to stay
Coat check, payphone, her finger on the switchhook
"My place isn't all that far away"

The stage has been set
The streets are glowing 'cause the asphalts wet

Stumbling downtown, my mind's a haze
Stopping in the alleys to taste her lips
Hard against the shadows, the concrete maze
Soft as silk, beneath her blouse, to her hips

Got to the stairs, keys fall from her clutch
Fumbling through the door, too wasted to stand
Both pretty damn sure we won't remember much

Too drunk to get completely undressed
Tongue races to the places she's bound to like best

She's loud, squeezes tight, has her teeth in my shoulder
Bed's soaked, head's ringing, throat's totally parched
Hot sweat, total wreck just trying to control her
Sharp nails, deep moan, back climactically arched

Sunlight burns right into my brain
It's morning, no doubt, I'm a zombie
Looking over, don't know her, beautifully plain

Get your clothes, it's time to go
Last night's the only side of her you'll ever get to know.





The End

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