The Stalling

This is quite an invaluable verse
So please gentleman bring forth your purse

I shall tell a tale of lands afar
Where the ladies laugh and the suitors spar

And now I shall finally get to the point
My job is to intrigue, not disappoint

Never mind I must go soon I'm sorry to say
For I should be leaving to go on my way

I wish you all well for I'm long done with rhyming
And this must be sad but just look at the timing

It's half past eleven and I should be gone
And in this huge chess board I am just a pawn

A person that's pushed from square to square
And to my dear boss I did solemnly swear

To be at a meeting two minutes ago
And one small mistake could quite easily throw

His judgment of me and my needing this job
He probably already thinks I'm a snob

So I say goodbye now and hope you've enjoyed
This poem that risks me and my being employed!

The End

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