Never Say Never Again

When we were young

There was nothing we wouldn't try for fun

Little boys playing war with toy guns

That got taken away by our mums.


Your mom took away my Super Soaker

Which I still lack, though my life's almost over

And I think she was the well-meaning Lucifer

Who first introduced you to the word "never"


After that something changed in you

It wasn't just that you developed an obsession for "Clue"

Whenever I tried anything new

Somehow you were always telling me what I couldn't do


"You'll never ski to this hill's end"

"You'll never be able to see other cars around this bend"

"If you don't take martial arts, for your life, you'll be unable to fend"

"No matter what happens, we'll never stop being friends"


More often than not, your words were supposed to cheer me up

But sometimes, as when I had trouble with that horse's stirrup

Your preaching simply made me want to give up

Your words, bitter with good intentions, was like cough syrup


The one saying I always held true

Was that we'd forever be friends, thick and through

Though we drifted apart I could expect Prue

To relay stories of your latest exploits in Timbuktu


Tell me why you had to ruin things

When I married Nancy, and you lost the ring

You said "You'll never blame me for this happening"

You even left the wedding without hearing your god-daughter sing


You thought if you could avoid me

I wouldn't say the words "Where was it last seen?"

You thought if a silence developed between

I would simply forget the whole scene


Never say never again

Your "You'll never blame me" feign

Overrode "We'll never stop being friends"

The most recent thing to be said transcends

The End

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