Dawn breaks. There is little light breaking in this quiet room, two people who knew each other well enough to decline polite conversation sat in a white couch drinking coffee, a confortable silence if not for the events of the last night.

His second in comand would be debrifing the men by know ,short of 6 am ,he could count on his men if not his fiance. He still did not know how to react to her latest stunt , though it showed great corage to even attempt a rescue mission on her own she should have waited, he barely could think of all that could have gone wrong !! And when he had entered the room seing her haunted eyes had not help. They had not spoken since she had fainted at his feet in that penthouse, and know with this new day a few rules would have to be aderehed to, she needed to understand how frightened he had been, if anything should happen to her... The cold look back in his eyes make contact with her shy ones.

"We need to talk "

She did not recal most of what happen last night , all a blur short after the door had burst open but know that she was safe she reacall the sensation of defenceless she had surronded by those lusted men, she shivered . He was not helping by acting in a macho way.  She new she had been wrong if only he had given her the time to apoligise. So not saying anything, she waits.

Across the room outside the window the day breaks in colour, a new day had just begun.

The End

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