As the eigth arms surronded her ,a tought crossed her mind.

"This time i have push the bounderies too much..."

Least been said knowing that catering for the wishes of the powerfull and rich sometimes got a bit out of HAND. In the penthouse on this side of the river thames a wild orgy was undergoing. Our main caracteres barely awehere of the shadows inclosing.

A soft band playing on ,and couples at best describe at actions better left unwrite. The sound of moans and screams hided the scatered men entereing the room.

They were here not as a mission for country but one of solidarity.

The leadder stoped at the entreance, his eyes surching for someone.

"She may not be here."

He paid no attention to his second in comand ,she was here he felted to his inner core. Directing is steps to the close door  he persues in his quest.

At the same time has the door opens ,she had decided she had been way over her head to pretend to be one the elite escort girls to get in this party had been easy enough but actually fall thru with they asked of her had been a bit too much for her stomach , thinking fast on her feet she try to reason with the men.

" please you are wrong ,i am not who you think." She could see by the look of lust in their eyes they were not listining. Fearing what is about to happen, the door burst open, He had came for her.... And he looked none too pleased about it .

"Get of all of you." It had not been the fact that he had spoken in such a manner of autority no, it was the deadly air around him and also the fact that while he seemed to have spoken to all in the room his eyes never left Her.

They left . And know, notting  or no one was there to prevent him from saying his piece.

" Do you have to defy me at ever turn? Put yourself in a position of danger? Make my men desregard orders so we could rescue you?" He look in her eyes, she looked paled maybe the danger she had put herself had finally sinked in ,either way he could not care less from today onwards he would have her always by his side. "Try to pull another like tonight" He tought still waited for her to talk.

" I..." And as she started to talk she faints....

The End

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