The Special Ones

**Inspired by my special ed. classroom (I'm their support buddy C: ) **

In a regular school, They call them "those" kids.

The ones that walk funny, talk funny, and act funny.

The "scary" ones in wheelchairs with their arms sticking out like a T-Rex. 

They call them retarded and dumb. 

And they assume that just because we work with them, we must also be dumb.

They'll never understand the sparkles in their eyes,

They'll never see their joy when they accomplish simple goals, 

They'll never get to see their beautiful souls,

They'll never reach out and help  , because they refuse to look pass the differences. 

They'll sit there and laugh ,while playing games of who can make them crack. 

"Those" kids, they comprehend that they are not average kids.

They notices ever single detail so yes, they know you're laughing at them,

Yes, they know you're looking at them;

Yes, they know the second they leave the room, you'll say mean things about them.

And the ones that can speak , sometimes stutter the words "why are they mean to me?"

But the thing that irritates me  is how they see "those" kids differently,

when in fact they are just like them, 

They too , have hopes and dreams.

They too can cry , laugh , and sing.

They too love music and video games.

And if you happen to see one of "those" kids,

Don't hesitate to get to know them because maybe they'll inspire you to be a part of "those" kids . 

The End

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