The Sparkling Now

I walk out on the sand

The rain is light

Then stinging

The salt is washed away by the rain.

I came for sunlight, but am reminded

That the world doesn’t need me.

My body surfs the waves

And I laugh.

The rain pours down

The waters are grey and saddening,

A surreal mix of fun and depression -Calm and torrential variables.

When the rain stops dancing on the face of the waves,

When the waters and the sky have stopped competing for my

Attention, the sun comes out, and it’s so hot, like fire.

The dance begins again, but now the sun’s fire and the earth’s wind are


The sun’s light shimmers on the crashing waves, and the waters join in again.

Not to be outdone, the sky unleashes the clouds, and tiny rain falls lightly.

Then I realize, as I swim, and lay in the sun, that the world does need me,

It needs you too.

It needs us to see it, nature likes to show off.

Today I got to witness the sparkling now,

And I realized that it exists in me as well, everything is connected

The End

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