"The Spaces"

All these different places (or spaces, in a greater sense) have one thing in common, they possess sort of an unknown yet fantastical atmosphere (to me anyway lol). I wanted to try and break down any barrier that might exist between any one dimension, etc. To set them free all at once and create one infinite space.

I choose what I desire,

Jumping high, away from fire, 

Glancing to what all has passed,

Forgiving all, through Looking Glass,

Never doubt, never downplay,

Loving love, you will not stray,

Concentrating, Fabricating,

Simon says start celebrating,

Go back to Pangaea, Shibalba, or Atlantis,

To the sea, I retreat, To the earth, I plea this,

Pandemonium uproars with frills of blizzards,

With the help of Xibalba, Hell has set standards,

To plainly understand, Return to Neverland,

Who I really am depicts where I stand,

A childhood place revives a new face,

What clumsy time, irregular space,

It’s just procedure, ma’am,

Sticking needles in your hand,

But really all I’m searching for,

Is a safe place to feel secure,

White walls foreshadow Purgatory,

The window never would quite agree with me,

I drive past a sunlit night,

Surpassing all said to be wrong or right,

Unconventional thought has repeatedly brought,

Our minds a piece of natural onslaught,

You turned blame into a game,

I turned it into my favorite shame,

Hushing my brain for the real pain,

Realizing this is not our final plane,

Heaven’s clouds are picture perfect,

But I haven’t a snapshot of any verdict,

Contemplating, Dominating,

Discovering the plot of all the hating,

Spontaneous combustion battles the hourglass,

Therefore, life is just a class,

Win or lose, we try again,

In Jesus name I pray, amen.

The End

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