The Sound Of Freezing Time

A contest piece to be used and recited for a 60 second video to raise suicide awareness.

And in one moment,

The body loses its greatest instinct,


Fractalized in a hypnotic state

It willingly submits.

And lost with each passing moment,

It wanders into that bleak void.


A place no one wishes to go nor pass through.

And yet it wanders in not out of curiosity or some other drive,

No it wanders in through forced perception

of a precipitation of problems.

Be they physical or mental

each hungers for the void.

The mind lost at sea.


And during those moments if you put your ear to it,

you can hear the sound

of freezing time.


Blurred confusion in an imperium of self despair.

And what of those who cared and loved?

The madmen with brilliance just around the next days end?

Dashed into nothingness.


But a spoken speech of speakings, can change the direction of the mind.

Turned round the corner is the one who thought themselves so blind.

While they think they have no features,

they are redeemable to all but themselves.

So seize this hard fought knowledge and forge forward!

And forgive the sound, of that freezing time.

The End

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