The Sound of Death

I felt as if I'd been ripped apart, as if my world was crumbling before my eyes.
It gets harder every day, to come to terms with the fact that they're gone. And they'll never come back.
I wrote this on the 27.10.09.

She feels so alone as she looks to the sky,
Day by day she wonders why.
Suddenly, a beautiful sound breaks free.
One voice, one love,
One radiant melody.
This one sound makes her feel so much better,
Although she knows that it won't last forever.
The clouds glaze over,
Rain starts to fall,
Crushing her hopes, her dreams once tall.
She slowly breaks down, beside her bed she kneels,
Wondering what pain and heartache she feels,
But for now, she's thankful,
Of one fact that is true,
Earth was graced with a fallen angel,
And that angel was you. 


The End

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