The Songwriting Notebook of Thomas Welsh

This, as the title states, is a notebook of songs I shall be cataloguing from here on out.  It was originally a branch of my work Rite of Spring, but I decided that my songs needed a separate place to be published.  Thomas Welsh is a pseudonym, and I found it to be quite fitting with the title *proud smile*.  Please feel free to critique my song lyrics.  If anything, this is a place to practice my lyric writing and become more proficient at it.  

Usually I'm not a huge stickler on this, but please leave a comment if you decide to rate anything.  As I said, this is entirely a self-imporvement effort, and feedback is way more valuable than a number.  Okay, I'll get off my high horse.  Hopefully some of this is enjoyable, and if it's not then I offer you my sincerest apologies.  

Thank you and good day,

Thomas Welsh

The End

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