The song that must be heard by all

It is what all world leaders must hear. It is the reason, the un was built. We all need one thing, the thing, that we have been offered when Christmas has come to us. We need to forget our differences, and our desires for more. We should work together as one entity. We will be free, and abel to love on another.

The song that must be heard by all

The hope we live  for

must be believed by all

the song of love

must be heard by all


Listen to lovers call

have it heard by all

hear the call

 that we seek


we do not wish for war

we yearn for

peace that must come

but not with the muzzle of a gun


We wish for flowers to grow

with each nation that wishes for peace

May they lay them there

with tender care


The thing we need is kisses\

and hugs from those who we love

love is what we wish

can it be given and received


LOve is what we need

to have our people hear

as they draw near

The End

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