The song of silence

This is just a random kind of poem kind of thing.
I just thought of it from reading someone elses story and poems and lyrics etc. So yeah.

When a song loses its voice, you think its not pretty.
But to me it's more beautiful than ever.
A song isn't just the sound that comes out of it, but the feeling and emosion underneath it. A sound isn't a sound with out waves... and with out those waves there isn't a sound. So where does the music and song go when there is none?
As no one else wants and needs it anymore.
But why?
Can't we all learn from just silence once in a while.
As Silence can be the key to eternity.
Possibly to the stars and the beginning of time?
So lets just listen to the song and not the sound that comes out once in a while.

As it's the song of silence that tells the story not the sound.

The End

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