The Song Of A Poet

Poem about poetry

Poets use lies to tell the truth,
Words spill across the page,
Beautiful language, words and phrases,
These are my day and age.

I could tell you a story,
Write one million different things,
From these pages, and these lines,
These words, my heart sings.

I will write forever,
Poems, stories, songs and all,
I will write of war and peace,
Of people rising and their fall.

I will write of sadness,
Make beauty from despair,
I will let unhappiness roam, 
Till your heartstings start to tear.

I will write of good times,
On the grass where one is lain,
Good cheer, peace and happiness,
Will once more hold the reign.

I will write of romance,
Broken hearts, or sweet passion,
A lady with beauty beyond it all,
And a prince so strong and dashing. 

For beauty lies within these words,
And who am I to stop it's flow?
Their magnificence and greatness declared,
For all the World to know. 

The End

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