The Mile That Misses

There's always a mile, in any direction,

Between me and your dejection.

Between you and my rejection.


I'd run if I had wings,

Yet you've taken all my things.

I'll fly upon my feet,

And pray we never meet.

It's just a mile between us.

It misses, but, I do not.

You see, I'd run the other way,

Won't be your precious lay...


Plenty a penny for the thought.

More'n the welfare cheque.


Neither sophistry nor mystery,

Your lust is just a bust.

That ain't a jab at your assets, no.

They'll be silicone soon enough.


Or so you tell me.

Whatever draws his fancy, eh?

Pierce to the tongue,

And smoke to the lung.

You treat your body,

As we treat the planet.

Makes me want to vommit!


And now...


I worry now, 'bout your best friend.

A message in the night,

She tells a tale of end and blight.

All I can say is true.

All I can say of you.

Worry, fury, sadness, doubt.

We can do not but pout.


My sigil's mine, my vigil's fine.

More'n I can say for you.


I turned away, neither right nor left,

And sought another for a moment.

A friend who cares, no matter what fares.

But such is not meant to be.

Such is not meant for me.


She slipped away, swings the other way,

Likes the way her comrades gleam.

Or as they say,

"Bats for the other team."


And in her wake, I knew.

That I could care again.


I wouldn't call you heartbreak,

For I needed nothing to thwart ache.

You were just the one,

Who woke me to something I was missing.

You had it not, just a faded clue.


Good riddance and anew.


So take your hissing smile, and consider this unwanted reconcile.

Love just ain't something you should fabricate.

I hope you find someone to appreciate.

Lust is all you seem to have got.

Good riddance and anew.

The End

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