The Vile Flat Kisses

Lust is the curse you've left,
On me.
Thrust to a worse groove, cleft,

Trust! Oh, that I cannot.
I wanted to.
Trust. Ohhh... that, I forgot.
And oh how I wanted to!

Anew, I said, anew.
I wanted two!
And definitely not you.

For neither was as crass!
Neither was an ass!
Either was a lass,
In mind and body,
As you were not!

And to know then that your
Smile that hisses, and also kisses,
Gave vile flat kisses, nobody misses.

The tobacco made it plateau.
And let's not forget, what empties your purse,
A far worse curse, by the name of Mary Jane.
That lady is your finanical bane.
Yet your lips beget her aglow.

With your vile flat kisses.

Despite that ring around your finger,
And a man of consistency in your bed.
Oh Mary Jane, oh what a pain!
I know she's wont to linger,
Sucking dry the cost to wed.

Spare no dollar or denial...

Through your vile,
Flat kisses.

The End

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