The Slip

Should be relatively self-explanatory.


This world has slipped away,
and nobody seems to notice.
The snow is falling gently
and nobody notices
the dark cloud on the horizon.

The police bludgeon their victims and leave the criminals to roam free.
The schools keep the secrets to themselves and let nobody learn the real
And the churches keep lying,
and the snow gets heavier.

A man can’t go see his husband in the hospital,
and a woman can’t see her wife.
People are scared to help the dying elder off the ground,
they’ll be held responsible.
The hatred of one causes the suicide of a teenager.
They learned it from watching you.
But the people keep turning around,
and the wind picks up speed.

A child molester roams the streets
while a drug dealer sits in a cell.
Big corporations pull the strings
while the innocent citizen is left to suffer.

We were supposed to have a free country.
But you have to go to work,
you have to obey ludicrous laws,
you can’t question the system,
you have to behave normally,
you have to behave normally,
you have to behave normally,
while the blizzard buries a town.

And yet nobody notices
that the problems are right in front of them.
Nobody notices
that they’re the ones being laughed at.

Nobody questions, nobody thinks.
Nobody lives, nobody breathes.
Nobody looks, nobody cares.
But there’s one person out there
who can’t look past the problems
and the corruption
and the hatred
and the lies.

There’s one person out there
who will stand up and shout
before the blizzard consumes the nation.

The End

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