The Sleeping and the Blind

             The girl is blind and the man sleeps on.

Should we leave them be?

Or should we nudge the man awake

And help the girl to see?


He lies there, sleeping lives away.

Will he ever wake?

Or will he sleep until the day ends

With a final, fateful break?


And while he sleeps, his selfish dreams

Consume his fevered mind

Should we simply wake him now?

Or is it best to bide our time?


And how long has the girl been blind?

Since when has she been here?

She gropes wildly at empty air

As I shed a worthless tear.


But is she really blind, or are her eyes simply closed?

Does she shut them willingly?

Should we continue to let her play the part?

Or force her clouded eyes open, to see?


So many questions, without any answers

Pile up, towering dark and tall,

But no one will seem to ever notice

Until they finally fall


And so no one helps, while my hands are tied

Any fault, they refuse to find

While my beloved country is slowly crushed

By the sleeping and the blind


{I look into the future, and together we cry

For all that we have left behind

And, one day, it will be my turn to join

The sleeping and the blind}

*Please keep in mind, this is NOT a commentary on any particular person or political figure. It is a statement of us, as a people, and our responsibilities.

The End

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