The Skyline

Jormungandr is a sea-snake creature in germanic/norse mythology that rests on the seabed of the ocean. Jormungandr eventually grows so large by eating fallen sailors that he wraps around the entire world, getting so big that he starts to ingest his tail.

We all see the fury of the monkey resuming itself,

against itself.

Jormungandr feasting on his tail in the bowels of the Earth,

under cast of a strange hellfire not quite known.

It's a dangerous action to hold onto ghosts, for they're as transient as days.

We're watching the peaceful proprietor dealing the cards underneath the poker table.

But the sly grin makes it all okay.

Things have become more sporatic,

docile and tame in their chaos.


If you were to live your whole life like you wanted to, 

then you wish for a different skyline for your eyes to draw upon.

So, for me to be truly happy,

to understand and react to as much as possible,

I need a new rising sun every morning.

And another one somewhere else, setting low in a distant orange,

every night.

The End

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