The Sky Pales at Divorce in Faery-Tales

Because of course I'm writing poetry at 2am.
Really, it's a bad sign when that isn't abnormal.

is a fickle thing
as many have said before me

the thing is,
i used to be enthralled by faery-tales,
held captive by stories of
true love

now, though
i realize that love is something

that will
tear me apart if given the chance

i used to look at examples of love
(my aunt&uncle)

and now i just see cracks in their foundation,
the peril of connecting yourself to somebody
for as long as 'forever' entails

oh god,
i don't want to end up alone
or with somebody who makes me unhappy

but love just seems so dull
so dreary compared to the
shining faery-books i read as a child

i suppose i was always better suited to mythology

after all,
no-one dies by a poisoned apple
and is woken by 'true love's kiss' in those

for i fear that if
i fell under such an enchantment,
i would die,
and wither away

The End

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