The Girl Locked In The LanternMature

Your hot crimson mouth against my bloodless lips is like a

Poisoned fantasy, lost in this labyrinth of

Libidiny, and in my head hell rages rampant but it

Feels good; I could lock my heart to all this pain and

Close my mind to all this pleasure, but if you want I'll

Stay and die within your dreams of self-worth.


The girl locked in the lantern, set me alight behind

This cobwebbed pane, while your desire spits fire through

My veins.

Your eyes are blue electric sparks, glow ultraviolet as the

Bruises on my neck flare like a foreign disease.


Blank eyes, drugged and staring, everything's gone

Cold; maybe I'm dead in my mind, but this bed is an

Open grave, please let go of the chain, don't hold me back

From this graceless descent

Into the dark.

The End

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