Black-Ice EyesMature

Something's gone wrong within those eyes,

Sparkling with black-ice, an infection

Gently twisting through the rusted gears and

Silver hoops through frost-burnt skin.

The virus devours the flame locked in his heart,

 A candle in an alcove, flickering in worship of

The angel of death, the sisters of suffering,

Forgive him for his unnamed sin

Because they know his time has come.


Dreams slip through the needle, throbbing

Like a machine-gun in overdrive,

The malfunction drags us into deep, decaying

Chambers, full of the

Defiled corpses of the freaks you bled.


Lashes sparkling like a shark-tooth necklace,

Shards of mirror in your tombstone eyes.

Cut me free from this nightmare-net

And let me fall back towards my blood-dark


The End

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