The Sinking

This is about the sinking of the Titanic. I was inspired by the film but I wanted to make it more dramatic.

 That beautiful beast,
Burden bearing
Looming dark and cold
Against the moon

The scraping, scratching
Metal on ice
The unsinkable one
Claimed once more by its protector

Our night of never-return
Rich upon poor
No class now
All are gone, all are lost

How many, though?
What unit of measure
Deaths per second
Seven hundred

Holes and cracks appear
Stony façade finally
Smouldering in a million
Tiny pieces

The lives and minds
Lost, destroyed
The battle to take control
To tame the tears

Women and children
First to survive
Saltwater crystals
Mix below

Dry your eyes,
Be strong.
Don’t show her you’re scared
Ice cold

Do not return
Collect the fallen
Search the dead
Find no one

Never go back
Always return
Dreams, stories, survivors
Survivors? No survivors

The lost two thousand
Who were they?
You remember no one
Only the sea

The End

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