Ode to Eggs on Toast

Whisper of light
Too early early too too early
Stumbling along in t-shirts tucked in inside-out
Tripping over socks 
You battle with the mirror and the comb
And damn your bad bed breath
As you groan, you turn on the lights
And lo and behold the day must be made
Out of coffee grinds and wrinkled plaid lines
Waiting for sunshine
And so bang bang bang 
Go the pots and pans 
The mugs and the spoons and the little hash cans
And so the crescendo of sizzling butter 
Calls forth the day 
Sun spills in light as you crack the egg
All God's glory in a halo of light
Dusted with pepper in the heat of life
Only to rest on a buttery toasted bed of bread
Yes this is the best
In flannel you sit with your back arched
Fingers lazily knit 
And you nibble along the burnt corners 
That taste oddly sweet
Yes you hate to leave your little nest
But eggs on toast 
And sun and trees 
Yes you are blessed

The End

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