Dedicated to all the simple things in life that inspire me.

Too many Fridays 
            they complain behind coffee mug rims
            broken graphite dreams 
            dogs peeing on grass
And Oh! How they ask of how long it will last!
            because eating the carefully planned sandwich 
            whose formulas they devised 
            and whose bread and pickles they attacked
            is not enough for one day
But don't you think that walking in the sunrise 
            is pleasant in its way?

And what the hell is wrong with so many Fridays?

They complain
           Oh! Time is too slow!
The weeks are numbered by the hours they work 
          in their jersey shirts
          and their street car polo 
Oh, don't complain
          because those Khakis will survive the rain
          and the strain 
          of mustard falling like golden dew on the woven fibers of labor and toil

And they say it's too early today!

But there are never enough Fridays 
         never enough days to look back and say
         I've done good work and I deserve a break to play
And there's never enough time
         never enough time to say what you feel
         to taste your sweet meal 
         never enough time to simply get real

"Too many Fridays makes a long week"

Well honey I could use that time 
Because my life is short 
         measured out by streetlights  
         and egg whites and kite flights and blueberry oatmeal bites
While theirs are measured out by the surfaces of dimes
         and petty bedroom fights 
So go on and tell me what needs to be done
          look to the future 
          search for more fun
But I will look back and be happy for the long nights
          those hours of work never wasted
          on cleaning out dust bunnies or shoveling out complaints
          no Fridays come unwanted 
          even on Mondays or Tuesdays or any day's feint

The End

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