Screw You.

Screw pain.

Screw heartache.

I'm locking those emotions up.

Throwing them out the window.

I'm not sorry.


I'll scream in you face.

Let you know..

I'm done with emotions.

Done with feeling like punching my face.

Done with crying.

Done with feeling stupid.

No more.

You are not going to push me.

Push me to the breaking point.

Push me to nothingness.

You won't succeed.

I won't let you.

I will be a rock.

The unmovable person.

I won't be pushed to love.

You think you can force me.

Force me.


So freaking funny.


It's not happening.

Screw pain,

Screw heartache,

Screw emotions.

Screw you.

The End

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