the sh-tty Ego Rubbish-BinMature

a year ago

i rid myself of poison. 

she called me ugly, called me fat
and while i may not be the most
fucking attractive person in this world

my self-worth is not that low
and that forced me to clean myself up
and piece back together the shattered fragments
that remained of my self-esteem

i don't care if i look like a lump, 
at least i'm a happy one. 

my eyes turn skywards, 
but you're still staring at the dirt
trying to come up with a comeback

 i feel sorry for you, 
because you're 5 years older than me
and just as lonely

but i will not be your punching bag. 
i will not let myself be used to make you feel better
i am not here to have the stuffing ripped out of me

that is not my purpose
so maybe it's time to 
draw resources from yourself for once

i didn't tell my sister or my mother, 
i'm not stupid. 

she was a shitty friend
and i shouldn't have let her draw me in

but i'm not pretty 
and i'm okay with that

i should have listened to my gut feeling
because it twists every now and again

and i can't help but thinking of betrayal

The End

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