The Shadow Paradox

This is just something I came up with for a collection I have on wattpad. If you want to check it out, my username is thaFaLLeN. But yeah, this was a pretty fun one to make.

A shadow in the field lies cold and empty,

detached from its hosts’ wandering spirit.

It remains to search:

the boastful, the beauty, the beckoning?

In the plains of day it cringes with fear

for the ghost of the hidden draws near.

The silhouette of night held dear

will creep around the darkness it adheres.


Any and all that traverse in the black

will neither consort, nor estrange.

The secluded shadow that aimlessly lurks

thinks nothing of trifling hostility.

One with fear of but the sun

though herculean strength conquers this one;

Why be afraid of provisors of shade,

your sustenance and vitality.


Rejuvenation is the chaos’ rival

rather than its legible legion.

The shadow from the sunset flees

and from the world he grazes

leaves cipher trace for Sun to seek.

Arising from tombs turn to light

the shadow desperately ventures from sight.

And when the light wakes from sleep

it is welcomed by a friendly sheep.


Never escaping the sun’s eternal reap.


The End

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