The Shadow of my Shade


It seems another slump is approaching
My head and heart playing different pulses
It's going to be the lowest that I've ever been
I'm starting to realize the inner weaknesses of the human mind
The deepest
darkest crevices
of utter hoplessness
The embodiment of the single greatest chain that could ever be
put on oneself-
Death licks its lips at me
awaiting another victim to fall by the easiest obstacle to see
yet the most troublesome to overcome,
the very reason for existence
I have no choice but to smile
After all the fighting
After all the bloodshed
It seems my battle with darkness
has been its consumation of my soul
and my unearthly imagination,
picturing a fight I never started
And so here I am
Writing with words I can't speak
Waiting with time that I don't have
My death fast approaches
As the pressure builds near my throat
and the breaths I take in become more shallow
I have no choice but to laugh at the pitifulness
of wasted potential
I won't shed tears
I hold no regrets
At least that's what I'll tell myself until the end

The End

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