The shadow In My Heart

I am the strongest of the shadow on this Earth
If you wish to know me you must prove your worth 
A creature of pure light living in the dark
The ice in my soul is my only mark
I strive for the light but absorb this death
The darkness that fills me  steals my breath
My light shines true and scatters the shade 
But the darkness hangs over me for this life I made
This life of torture, of pain and sorrow
But I must live on to see the morrow

The darkness is strong but I am a king
I serve a master but wear my own ring
My life of service will be as is meant
And  the devil will learn pain as his hold is rent
I will be the strongest, the most perfect beside Him
My pride from me will be cast that I may win
For the shade in my heart gives me power of mind
I know much of light, and in darkness I find
For one cannot be without the other
So learn their truths as if they your brother

And so I shall live on with this blade in my heart 
The true test of worth, the greatest of Art
This shadow in me devours the life 
My veins slit open by this silver knife
So kiss the shade and dance on through the sky
Together we soar and forever will fly
 My heart will freeze and shatter in your hold
My mind held true as I sought to be cold
Directing my actions to keep me alive
The anger held back by the peace for which I strive 

The End

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