the shadow i chase

a poem i wrote

I didnt have many friends as a kid
So i played with my shadow.
We'd play hide and seek.
He'd hide i'd seek.
As the clouds rolled in he'd always win.
Then i'd be left alone with only my tears to weep.
Then we tried tag, those kind of games we'd play.
He would take off with lightning speed faster then the break of day.
And just when i'd catch up, off again he went.
That game i could never win
Cause as the clouds rolled in It was like hide and seek all over again.
Im left alone with only my tears to weep.
Then One day I met a girl just like me.
Who played with her shadow too, and had puffy eyelids you see.
But she had something i didnt which i would always long for
A smile that stretched longer then my eye could see
I thought what more could i ask for.
But no, she was not meant for me.
She had other priorities other then playin hide and seek with me.
You see she was already chasing another shadow that she could not catch.
And i became home base. A safe place only to catch her breath.
And when she hates him only then does she want me
Once she misses him then she'll hate me. A vicious cycle you see.
And yet i continue to chase that shadow that i cannot catch.
Just as i did as a kid, cause then, you dont believe in no.
You just keep running until your out of breath.
And even then you still hope.

The End

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