The shadow fish

Disturbing secrets lie on the fringe of reality, and yet we persist in finding them

Beneath a still and rancid pond

A quick dark shape contorts

And stares with wet and glassy eyes

Blind yet infinitely wise.


Coarse scales caked with hate,

Love and strange dark fate

Gills sucking greedy

Diseased and needy

It knows of the gate.


A black pond beneath cruel skies

Rippling in the wind

A place where nightmares cry

Screaming for help in endless night.


We’re being pulled through the blackness

Sick and cold and cloyed

To a realm of twisted hunger

The yawning toothless void.


A sucking swirling vortex

Of frightening design

Waits for unlucky travelers

To grab and hold and grind.


From thirsts forever unquenched

To needs dark and unfulfilled

Beyond there is no life

For nothing can be killed.


No matter how hard you try

To ignore what’s true

When you watch the shadow fish

Its also watching you.








The End

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