The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

In your inner chamber you stand,

tall and proud,

lit by raging fires who

like your worshippers

enjoy being close to you.

Gold and ivory make up

your form: symbols of your splendour


and the money your people

are so willing to spend on you.

Your temple offers sanctuary -

no arrests or cruel behaviour would one

dare to carry out within the walls your spirit

seeps into and blesses. Not even the head of that

monster, Medusa, could prevent the mortals'



The griffins are bold: the mysticism is

strong: elves and sprites roam

the forest of columns beneath  you.

Could there even be a magical presence

hiding in those roof tiles of terracotta clay?

Or perhaps in those glossy marble steps...


Humans bring you gifts:

of gold and silver, rainbow-coloured


of rich, soft materials,

carvings as well; whilst outside,

statues of you and models of your temple

are sold.


The sculptors and builders hope

their work is worthy of you.

The crowds gather to view your grandeur.

We carry you to our Games with pride.

We hold parades for you,

divine Artemis...


So beautiful, standing in your inner chamber.

The End

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