The Self-Secluded Student

The classroom hustled and bustled as the Teacher fought for control.

The students laughing and chatting ignoring the Educators desires to teach.

I sit there,

Self secluding,

From the uncontrollable classroom scene.

Wishing to be elsewhere, departing, almost, from the scene.

My seclusion goes unnoticed to all but me.

I realise i am separate, I am so by choice,

I am an island in the sea of students that sourrond me,

A fortress of knowledge on the Sea of Tranquility, I separate myself,

Secluding all, including thee.

My price is not priceless, for knowledge is key, And the teacherless teacher,

Educates only me.

I am a student of solice, seclusion and will,

A student willing to learn, but just like the sailors of the sea,

I have become lost and misguided unable to return to thee.

The End

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