The seed experiments.

A sprout of instant thought. No pre-meditation allowed. Shut off and flow.

I'm still a little hazy around the edges,

A couple of ants here and there, but never really anywhere.

The nausea was horrible, I hid under my duvet for just under two hours,

Chopin soothing the worst of it.

Then it began; four hours at their most complete,

An insular soundscape with a few extra dimensions thrown in until I could only hear my jawbone humming.

I tried to put a pencil to paper, but I woke up next to what looks like a child's caligraphy lesson.

And my room! Looks like the chicken became the walking dead, crawled off the plate and then cooked itself again at the foot of my bed.

I had a blind person run their fingers across my skin,

They knew I hadn't slept comfortably.

But when I consulted the psychologist within,

He was sure I had slept peacefully. 

And yes I ate five seeds, not knowing what they'd do,

But for the first time in forever I was smiling at the same time as missing you.

The End

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