The Second Rain


I was walking on the road drenched in sweat,
Now I am drenched in the second rain,
I can see the colors so lively
On the trees.... replenished with life


The scene around wasn’t this way before
Seemed there was no green on earth left
I wanted something to quench the thirst
Not that of my throat but of my tortured flesh


It came in the form of the second rain
When I and many alike were under the scorching sun
Something so heavenly hit my skin
I saw upwards and lo… behold!

I could see rain coming to my help

Each and every hit of which had an everlasting effect
An effect by which I am mesmerized as yet
The feel of it was  pleasing ...of all


I am a traveler, I keep traveling
I just watched the world around, turn colorful
for this wonderful rain I thank thee

And I thank you God for listening to my plea


The End

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