The Sea Across The Sea

A just for fun poem I wrote as if I were another person :)

I'm riding the waters, my feelings are free, on a smooth and sailing voyage, from the sea across the sea.

I've left everything behind, but it's filling me with glee, because I'm going to my home to the sea across the sea.

Leaving won't upset me, I am sick without the sea. The salty azure water as true as it can be.  Now if you don't know my story, you will not understand, how I glide across the ocean and never upon land...

My story always starts with my family history, this story is unique, because it starts upon the sea.

The boat that I am sailing "The warrior" is her name. She was passed down generations but has still remained the same.

I was born upon this ship, sailing all my life. I had never thought to leave this ship unless I had a fight.

The days are mostly perfect, the nights a sight to see.  So if you think I'm crazy, well at least you know I'm free.

My history from this ocean is pulling me back in, I just feel like I must stay here for my true life to begin.

All my family has perished, so I'm living the rest of their dreams. And maybe in a few generations, I'll accomplish their everything.

As I'm rocking back and forth I stop and start to think, if I'm the last one in my family, my history will sink...

So after my adventures, I'll return back to the shore. To seek out my true love that I'll have forever more..

The one I'll share my life with, my love, and history. And we'll sail along together in the sea across the sea....

The End

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