The School system from Hell

It was a dark cold windy night. I was scared. I felt alone. I felt that the whole world was on my shoulders, putting too much pressure on me. I felt useless. Like nobody wanted me.

Is there anyone who are willing to take my hand? I don't want to hear another sad song that tells the zombies of the world, "Remember the children" as if the reminders would make them feel better. I'm not trying to hear that. People are trying to take everything that I hold dear to me. People are trying to take everything I got. My future. My wanting to become a doctor, a singer, a pianist, a lawyer. Everything! Gone!

My friends are all dead because of this. One honor roll student, dead! Simply because he looked at one person the wrong way. Another child, dead! Why? I guess being a seven year old innocent little child who did nothing to deserve this. But she deserved it in the eyes of some stupid adults.

No. I'm not homeless, but I'm school less. The teachers have no idea how to teach the special needs children. They need love too! But I guess the see the word, "worthless" across their forehead. They are closing schools. They won't teach the kids just to keep them off the streets. But they would rather keep the casinos and strip clubs open for greed and pleasure. I guess I can say. They failed us. They let us fall. Welcome to the school system from hell!

The End

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