The Scare

I had spent a lovely night with my girlfriend, which lasted until the next morning over and...when we arrived to school together she told be her stomach was hurting. So you could probably guess what went on in my head. But even with those thoughts furiously clamoring around my mind...i could never think of leaving her. or hurting her...i love her i do.


Never have I felt this way.

Dismay as it just may be that a baby makes its way this way.

Goes to say when you got dick brain then you just may spit way your quick way to thick gates.

Just to say, best grip face and take this dick just the way that dick was gave.

Get it?

It just may sit gray like a shit stain that just stays in hard.

And you just cant dismantle that shit stain and that shit pains your heart.

She’s displayed the cliché of stomach pains and stiff aches.

This is now something I must defray for this shit day.

Shits gay…

As in unacceptable. Yes  I said that, that’s what shit brains with a dick say.

No ix nay. Wouldn’t hide my feelings for a six figure fixed pay.

So yes shits gay. No offense. No disgrace.

But… damn. I must embrace my disdain for a mistake.

Maybe I should just pray.


I would never leave her side.

She…she is a work of art. A prestigious display.

My morning star of my bliss day.

I dictate this bliss to fix my inner dismay of any shit day by sittin straight and go in to kiss BAE

And wait for a response….

Wonder what her lips say…

Them shits say yay!

Such a spiff way to end this pit of shit of dismay on display.

The End

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