the scaleMature

this poem could appear to be about self harm, but it could also fit to anything else when battling with your own thoughts. and contemplating a lot of things and you begin to question a lot.


                                                            The scale


You sit there in sadness

You lie in pain

You look for an escape

You have escape from it all


You think about taking one cut

Just one it’s not that bad

It will go away in a few weeks

No one will see it


You know that’s the quickest way to release your pain

So if that helps your pain why not do it?


But then you think to yourself

This isn’t going to help?

Do I really want to scar my body?

What if one cut turns into too many

What if I accidently do something I regret?


It’s a constant battle

Of taking the pain away temporarily

And doing something I know I would regret


How could I want to do this to myself?

But would it help?


So you tell yourself to wait one day and see.

But you know so hard you don’t want to

But you want to


The scale is my thoughts 

And my thoughts are my biggest battle 

The End

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