The Same Page

They finally come, two individual couples,

Engaged and married, a weekend of memories,

Camp, music, army and school we were, are so cool,

The same page, we were on the same page,


Just like a book, the pages flip,

Folks read in different speeds and styles,

Same beginnings, same ends,

Folks have different bodies,


How much do you make?

How much did that cost?

How much should I pay?

How much bread could a woodchuck make,

If a woodchuck could make bread?


We are mildly disgusted by their readings,

"I flip ten thousand pages a month!",

Blank pages, blank pages,

Books have back covers, don't they?


We smile and say "you and me",

After all, books are books are books,

This weekend the books were opened,

The same page, we are not on the same page.

The End

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