The Rust Below

*R.I.P Titanic, 100 years this very night. You are lost but never forgotten*

Children laughing,

Holding their mother's hands,

Leaving here,

For the free lands,

Fathers smiling,

Time to go,

On to the ocean,

And to the unknown,

Leaving Port,

Class of the 3rd,

Bustling with the poor,

But the happy little girls,

And above on deck,

Where the 1st class stay,

All the arranged marrages,

No time to play,

Down at the party,

Dancing reels they don't know,

Their happiness drained,

For their fate would not slow,

That iceberg was cruel,

All the lassies off first,

Not enough lifeboats,

That voyage was cursed,

She sank and sank quickly,

To depths so low,

They all went with her,

Now the rust below.



The End

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