The Runner

The cold air hits my face

Like a shockwave

As I creep out the door soundlessly.

My house is still,

No one is up at this hour,

Except me.

Out of the drive-way I break into a run

My sleep tossled hiar

Flying away from my face

No cars soar down the streets.

Only the sound of my feet on the pavement

And the beat of the music radiating from my head phones.

This time is quiet


Houses of my friends

Still fast asleep

Pass me as I round the blocks.

The street lights over head are my only source of light.

I'm close to home

and I slow down to a walk

My heart threatens to breakout of my ribcage

My lungs won't expand anymore

The door is left ajar just the way I left it

I climb back into bed

Feeling numb from the cold

and oddly comforted.

Finally I am able to sleep.

The End

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