The Rubáiyát of God's Humanity

God looks down and starts to smile,
there's so much pain, it's been a while,
she remembers when free will first brought hurt,
she slides to the filing cabinet and withdraws the file.

Ahh yes, Eve, her first success,
Realising her nudity, begging for a dress,
And as Adam approached her, laughing and erect,
Oh how that was so good for stress.

She decided to make a list to read at night,
Adam fell and broke his leg, what a funny sight,
And their first born dying from the first disease,
She may have had something to do with that plight.

Then she realised that more meant more,
There came a time of peace which God could not help but adore,
She watched humanity grow and bided her time,
Then spilled waiting buckets onto the floor.

Oh the suffering when the flood came,
She almost forgot to rescue anyone in this fun game,
Noah chosen at random and told to save animals,
after all, they made her smile when they fell lame.

So God recalls every past misdeed,
And finds it hillarious that humans of every creed,
Choose to still love her, when all they have to do,
Is stop believing in her, and they'd be freed.

The End

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