The Rose-Dove and Kingfisher Poem

from Rose-Doves and Kingfishers

The precious rose-dove,

favoured by foxglove,

is joined with her kingfisher

in undeniable love.


When minds become merged,

she is submerged

in the seas luminescent

of her kingfisher's essence.


If parted forever,

both parties will never

escape terrible despair

or find hope in another pair.


As destined to be

in joyous unity,

in each should each other

their own hearts see.


As stronger of the two,

the witch is duty-bound

to protect and to care for

the human they've found.


With superior knowledge,

comes the job to inform,

so the human can live

in the witch world of norm.


Only this pair

of lovers so blessed

can see each others' souls

and complete the Lovers' Quest

The End

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